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  1. Hi Alex, this is Jeffrey Meyer, Hellmut and Inge’s son. Mom and dad have both passed. I’ve always wondered how you were. If you would like to converse I’ve left my email in the email field.

  2. What price, what purpose novels, fictions, fictive formations that freeze the mind at mere description of human experiences? Novelists are nothing but failed sociologists and philosophers, forever describing sensuousness, but never baring solvent solutions for the moral slime that cities regurgitate profusely and endlessly in their favelas, choking oxygen, cancerous consumables,and armed armies of blue, red, and Colors hunting a chance to inflict pain for nothing, rape your genitalia for something, and end your life on a whim. These must be derived from forms deeper than capitalism. Novels skim the surface of human confusion, unreason, and agony. Stuck in superficiality, they titillate appetites gone awry in a world suffused with irrationality, anxiety and insanity, and it is not known which is primary, where human is merely honorary and its existence threatens itself. Let novelists explain how cars and freeways came to be public transportation, how come LA’s invisible street names and fabulous, neon-lit billboards. homelessness amid unoccupied houses, schools without learning to read, and relationships reeking of risks of violence and litigation. And those novels with a happy ending? I’ll sue them later.

    • hi Jason, thank you for your message! That book does cover poetry, stories, essays, and philosophy as well as novels, though the title of the book (Literature of Los Angeles) is somewhat deceptive: there is a chapter that covers CINEMA, and also many thinkers (philosophers) I’m sure would bristle at the thought that what they are writing is “literature.” As to your main point about novels, let sociologists and philosophers continue their important work. Art still has its place…polemics versus aesthetics.

  3. Hi Alex,
    I’m contacting you on the off chance that you can help. My brother worked for your dad at M-C International from 1969 – 1975. He recently discovered a pension certificate and would like to know if it is worth anything. If you could contact us and let us know whatever you know on the subject, that would be appreciated. Thanks!
    —Mark Mosheim (for shy bro Gerry)
    (Hey, if anybody else is interested: it’s probably just nice paper on which to write a poem.)

  4. Alex — I have been getting material from you somehow – such as the recent play-writing article — and would like to contact you but I cannot find any email address. Why not send me an email? I smiled when you called yourself “old poet” – I’m a lot older than that and coincidentally have a 1-man play Ive been doing occasionally at Sta. Monica Playhouse and elsewhere. I am sure we met at some point – was it at Beyond Baroque? I’m presently (til Jan 1) still president of the board there.

    The idea is just send me an email so we are in touch. Looking forward… Doug Knott

  5. Marcel,

    Good to hear of you from Ingrid Bowman. I am glad to hear that you are making your way as a poet and writer. I enjoyed your annotated autobiography.

    I have retired from teaching at Santa Barbara City College, and begun writing fiction again in earnest. I retired in June 2015 and since then have written two novels, one on identity and one on personal growth, a novella about a road trip across the US in the early seventies, and a set of short stories on the theme of homelessness in paradise (Santa Barbara). I am looking to publish and about to consider Amazon’s Create Space. I lack page layout and cover for the most polished novel (numerous edits and copy edit). I am writing to you in hope of getting any advice you might have to give in regard to publishing. I have submitted short stories to online and print journals without success. I did publish one poem in a small journal out of Hancock College in Santa Maria. Aside from that, my fiction and poetry remains unpublished, but I really do want to get my voice out there.


  6. Hi Alex. I have been thinking about Mary Trautmann and thought I’d say hello – she spoke often and fondly about you. You helped her so much with her poetry. I am not sure if she ever mentioned me. We went to the opera together, and shared many, many cups of tea. She was so kind and wise. I miss her. At any rate, hello.

  7. Frank was my step-father for a short period of time in his long life. He was very caring and kind to me as a child. Iā€™m sad to learn of his passing away. šŸ˜”

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