Alex M. Frankel

The Real Résumé

December 28, 1960: Born in San Francisco, biological child of Marcia Cranston and Frank Verges, both students at the University of Iowa.

January 1, 1961: Adopted by Henry and Vera Frankel, two German-Jewish refugees. My two new grandmothers wait at the window as the car pulls up.

Circa 1973: I buy my first complete opera: Boris Godunov, attend my first opera: Der Rosenkavalier.

1975: Ronald Vierling becomes my teacher at San Francisco University High School and changes my life. A world of novels and poems opens up.

July 5, 1981, 5 pm: Vera Frankel dies; an Irish nurse makes the sign of the cross over her body.

1980-1985: New York: The cold and the Upper West Side and the wind of the subway and Kenneth Koch’s poetry course and Arthur C. Danto’s philosophy course and roaches and rodents and “love” in the city’s dungeons and an angry father shouting on the phone and homework and papers and nights in Butler Library and weekends at Fire Island and nights at Tom’s Restaurant and Happy Burger and the Hungarian Pastry Shop and the sound of Fred Neuhouser’s voice—Neuhouser, the noted Hegel scholar…where is he now? What happened?

1985-1995: Barcelona.  A teacher now. Cut my teeth in the sleazy language “academies,” ride a moped all day and all night, hobnob with revolutionaries and outcasts, speak my Spanish wittily but with an American accent, so that people ask, “Why did you come here and when are you leaving?” “Love,” this time in the dungeons of Spain. My first stories! My one Spanish friend: Alberto Garcia Mur. (What in God’s name has become of him? What happened?) Eileen Wieland, my psychoanalyst. Long sessions on the couch, Eileen in her chair behind me. I read much Freud and Proust.

December 25, 1990: At last I meet my birth parents, Frank and Marcia. While visiting California, I find out who I am.

1995: Return to America. I drive a Mercury Sable, courtesy of my father. “Love” continues, now in the dungeons of Los Angeles. I’m still a teacher. I rediscover poetry.

1995-present: Friends? Mary Trautmann, the poet; Mike Grieco, a solid mentor; and many more, especially from the Saturday workshop at Beyond Baroque. Robert C. Jameson has helped a great deal—what a good soul and healer. Along the way I change my name from Marcel J. Frankel to Alex M. Frankel.

2007: My birth mother and then my adoptive father, Henry Frankel, pass away within a few months of each other. My father leaves much of his fortune to an old gold digger, Rhoda Goldfarb. Hey Rhoda, when you croak can I please have all the bread that was meant for me, please?

2009-present: I buy my own little condo in the quiet hinterlands near El Sereno and Highland Park. I begin hosting my own poetry event with featured poets and open mic and that started in Old Pasadena but moved to LA and is now in it’s tenth year. Publication in a few little magazines; a public reading once in a while; a book soon.

8 thoughts on “Bio

  1. HI! I’m going to meet with the English Department at BCCHS tomorrow morning and thought I’d propose that they encourage any budding poets to attend Second Sunday events for extra credit…
    Yesterday’s event was the best yet!

  2. hey Alex,

    I first met your father Frank at Cal State Fullerton in January 1994, and was immediately drawn like a magnet to him…….for some reason, for the next 3 or so years, we ended up sharing quite a few personal details about each other, which, in a way, over-wrote any philosophical dialogue. In other words, Frank was a TRUE friend to me in those times. In fact, one of the first conversations we had together on the patio outside the lower level of the EC building there concerned you! Frank had mentioned to me that he and your mother had “recently” reconnected with you after an abandonment in infancy, and he seemed happy with the situation at that time. I found that fascinating. By the way, I am sorry for the loss of her. I met Marcia a few times, little chats here and there, but really never knew her that well. PLEASE tell Frank that I am sorry for that loss…….Also, if you can perhaps pass this note along to him, and/or provide me with some contact info for him, I would REALLY appreciate it……..Sincerely, Matt George (…..I will not be giving my current phone number over the internet, so you can respond via e-mail. p.s…..reading up a bit on you, you seem like a fascinating guy……ANYBODY who enjoys Proust can’t be half-bad, right? ha ha…….take care.

  3. I love your way of putting your life and how you describe yourself Alex is most wonderful when you find your “niche of Poetry” I admire you so much for helping me when I needed my poems to be improve you definitely and Robert have helped me see I need to learn and work on my craft and not let it go like I did with my guitar lessons and forgot that I want to have other things to do with my life . Alex I have two books of Proust can’t believe that you have read him others in my community look at me funny!! Love your bio and you are such a “GOOD Poet” like to buy your book sorry could not make it to the Poetry Reading on Sunday!!! will be back for more fun to attend this Saturday at Beyond Baroque where great minds like you and Robert meet!!!! :

  4. Hi Alex thanks for responding this morning! I am looking forward to speaking to you later today!
    Cousin George!!! 🙂

  5. Hi, I’m a mother of adoption loss just wondering how you are doing.. reading you bio and wondering when your reunion was… was your adoptive mom alive at the time… is she alive now? Did you ever find your father? When you found your natural parents, were you able to trace your family tree on the Jewish side (assuming one was Jewsh/one was not). Thanks, sharing the post to my page on Facebook… International Association of Survivors of Adoption Loss…. My son’s Dad was Jewish/me – Catholic at the time. I’m no longer a Catholic since my reunion in 2012… esp after watching Philomena! 🙂

  6. Hello Marcel. It’s Mark Hosbein from Stanford. I was just thinking of you and thought I would say hello. Reach out if you like, I would love to hear from you.

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